Green hospital in Makassar and blogging competition

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Green hospital in Makassar and blogging competition


Do you believe that far away from the capital city of Indonesia, in eastern part of Indonesia, in Makassar city (the capital of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia), there is a hospital namely RSUD Daya Kota Makassar (RSUD – Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah – Daya General Hospital) that has targeted themselves to be serious to implement ‘Green Hospital’ concept in hospital area.

Located in Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km. 14, Daya, Makassar, Daya hospital stood around Daya intersection – in the middle of a very crowded traffic. However, its new building and color (the hospital has been painted mostly with green color).

There is the one need to be appointed to have responsibility for all efforts related to the Green Hospital activities she is Dr. Siti Saenab, M. Kes., the Director of RSUD Daya. Of course, she is not working alone. Supported by RSUD Daya Green Hospital team – led by Dr. Iriany Ridwan, the RSUD Daya Deputy Director and other team members, they try to fulfill Green Hospital in all sectors in RSUD Daya. Are they all expert in Green Hospital?

“No, we are not expert at all at Green Hospital concept, we only have a little knowledge of Green Hospital but has a huge motivation to learn and to make our dreams come true, to incorporate Green Hospital concept to RSUD Daya environment.” said Dr. Saenab.

“But in full speed. that’s why I requested Linihijau to help RSUD Daya to  hold an event entitled: “GREEN HOSPITAL BLOGGING COMPETITION.” She added.

Blogging competition?

Yes. Daya hospital is working with Linihijau to create an event related to Green Hospital concept that will be able to attract more people to seek their perspective on Green Hospital from their point of view. Blogging competition is the option. By this competition, people is requested to put their awareness of their environment, including hospital, by writing it in their blog and then join this competition.

The sequel of this blogging competition will end by providing a BOOK – bilingual book, based on 20 the best bloggers’ articles of Green Hospital, and their blog and re-submitted to Daya hospital website (

Interesting, isn’t it? Please check out at the competition timetable:

a. Socialization of Blogging Competition to community (May 31th, 2013)

b. Launching of Blogging Competition (May 27, 2013)







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