Writing and Blogging Workshop, sponsored by Linihijau

Writing and Blogging Workshop, sponsored by Linihijau

Today and tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday – 23 & 24 May 2012, Linihijau will provide a voluntarily workshop on Writing and Blogging. It will be held at Darul Aman Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren Darul Aman), located at Gombara, Makassar, South Sulawesi Province.

The speaker/trainer for this workshop is Bugi Sumirat – Founder and Editor in Chief of Linihijau – who has a big concern on writing and blogging world. He will encourage pesantren stundent to start writing and blogging. He said that the material will focus for them who wants to start writing and blogging. So, it will be easy to understand – a beginner consumption.

This workshop is supported by Rotary Club of Ujung Pandang as well.

The complete report will be presented in Linihijau in the near future.

On this workshop, the participants (it is predicted to have 20 male students and 20 female students as workshop participants) will be encouraged as well to think their writing to touch environmental issues – as the main concern of Linihijau.

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  • @kangbugi | May 23,2012

    Yes Sure, sorry for late reply ;-)

  • @kangbugi | May 23,2012

    The report of the writing and blogging workshop above is able to be seen in my post at (in Indonesian) http://bugisumirat.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/telah-lahir-penulis-penulis-muda-makassar-dan-mereka-anak-pesantren/

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